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Nov    2 0 2 3                                                         VISA MASTER AE card welcomed

Customers can pay with contactless VISA card, Master card and American Express card at our dropoff workshop in Central now.  Above all, we do not charge any handling charges.  

Nov    2 0 2 0                                                         Another happy customer

Reviews come in many forms. It may be digital. It may be verbal referral. It may also be something like below - a box of chocolate & a thankyou note, from busy traveller like Markus. Appreciated & we shall keep up our excellent repair work!





J u n    2 0 1 9                                                     Sharing old-fashioned "thank you"

One of our clients who was impressed by our prompt solution sent us a email.  He was so pleased that he authorized us to make it public.  It was a long one, so we copied and pasted it below to share:

About three weeks ago, I wrote asking for an appointment about trouble with my Zenbook.
I received no answer and so, because I needed to work using the machine, I came by your offices early in the morning.
I met by chance a very pleasant man who was one of your professionals;
he was working away on the couches outside the office.  He looked at the machine, pressed an Control+Fkey, and got me back to work.
I send this note for two reasons:
a) I found out later the reason I never saw your response to my email was that it had ended up in Trash.  Strange
b) I wanted to say 'thank you' for the gracious help.


Philip J. Chmielewski    "

M a y   2 0 1 8                                                      Win10 S

Microsoft is trying to sell its Store again by pushing sale of its Windows10S.  Whether you like it or not, the update is on its way.  Check out the ZDnet commentary

A p r   2 0 1 8                                                       Why upgrade


J a n   2 0 1 8                                                       Work smarter, faster and safer

D e c   2 0 1 7                                                      Google Business Posts

Beginning from 2018, the news items will be hosted as Posts on Google Business.           

J u l    2 0 1 7                                                      Data Recovery Machine Breakthrough

Computer Troubleshooters always avail of new technologies.  With falling prices of NVMe, we have upgraded our Data Recovery Machines to deliver a turnaround of data recovery results much faster than previously.  That has helped us to reduce our queue of clients waiting for their harddrives & USBs to be scanned.  One remains same though ----- our unique flat rate data recovery charges without hidden charges welcomed by clients.

N o v    2 0 1 6                                                     We were reviewed as competent

We are reviewed as competent technicians by https://expats.hk/1472-recommended-laptop-repair-shop-in-hong-kong.html

A u g    2 0 1 6                                                     What happened to my Win10 upgrade?

Microsoft's Win10 free upgrade for older computers ended last month.  So if you have decided not upgrade and found your computer running out of space, it needs a clean-up as the Win10 installer was stuck somewhere wasting space after you chose not upgrading.  

M a r    2 0 1 6                                                     Cautions!  Cryptowall Crytolock ransomware

Computer Troubleshooters received huge lots of enquiry regarding ransomware disasters.  We would like to announce here that there is no certain way to undo the encryption by the ransomwares.  Rely on offline backups and ransomware prevention tools ( WHICH IS NOT ANTIVIRUS ).  For a complete strategy against ransomwares, we recommend you to email and consult us before it is too late!!!

O c t     2 0 1 5                                                     Cautions!  Beware the Win10 installations!

Computer Troubleshooters Hong Kong Head Office received lots of enquiry regarding repairing or resolving problems related to the latest Windows 10. 

We would caution everyone to make adequate backups prior to reserving their free copy of Windows 10.  Not all PCs are tested for Windows 10.  Not all programs work for Windows 10.  Don't be surprised for needing to pay for other program upgrades afterwards.


J a n      2 0 1 5                                                    Enhanced Success Rate of Data Recovery

Computer Troubleshooters Hong Kong Head Office purchased Atola Data Recovery Machine worth of USD10,000 for enhanced data recovery success rates.  This is another big step in assisting desperate computer users who do not know backup or never backup.  Remember that learning how to backup is the 1st lesson in computing!  We also offer on-site personal training & consulting sessions on the most proper backup for your needs and your computer.   

J u l y      2 0 1 4                                                  Repair Service for Chromebooks in Hong Kong

Computer Troubleshooters Hong Kong Head Office arranged repair workshop for franchisees related to repairing Acer Chromebooks. 


A p r i l      2 0 1 4                                                 Warranty Service for GSATech Singapore

Computer Troubleshooters Hong Kong Head Office is proudly awarded the authorized warranty service provider for  Chromebooks distributed by GSATech SG.

J a n u a r y      2 0 1 4                                         Member of HK General Chamber of Commerce

Computer Troubleshooters Hong Kong Head Office renews membership with Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce for three (3) more years since 2011.

D e c e m b e r      2 0 1 3                                   Cryptolocker Ransomware Virus is spreading

Following the outbreak of cryptolocker ransomware virus in US, Computer Troubleshooters also received numerous enquiries seeking for assistance in Hong Kong.  We gladly visited and helped them out.

Make sure you have backup for the backup and a trustful antivirus that you can rely on.  Prevention is better than regret.  When in doubt, call Computer Troubleshooters at 22701305.  We delivers!

O c t o b e r      2 0 1 3                                        Webroot SecureAnywhere Business Endpoint

Computer Troubleshooters distributes online and offline the superfast Webroot SecureAnywhere Business Endpoint to enhance their clients' internet security.  The Endpoint software has been tested highly effective in protection against malwares & viruses.  Together with Computer Troubleshooters remote monitoring & remediation, they form a robust foundation for office internet and computing protection.

M a r c h      2 0 1 3                                             South China Morning Post On-Line

Computer Troubleshooters was featured on SCMP as Professional IT Services Provider in town:

J u n e      2 0 1 2                                                 Shenzhen Maintenance Project

One of the advantages for joining a franchise is business leads from group marketing.  That is, a job to work & earn due to established reputation & relationship by other franchise members.

Computer Troubleshooters Hong Kong visited Shenzhen to maintain label printers for their warranty vendor --- income stream for the members recruited under our Global Franchise scheme.

M a r c h   2 0 1 2                                                 Disaster Recovery Solution Partner

Computer Troubleshooters Hong Kong Head Office secured partnership for Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Solutions for SMBs.  According to George WONG, Regional Director, they will be introducing these enterprise-class but affordable solutions to small and media sized businesses to protect their productivity against hardware disasters in no time.


F e b    2 0 1 2                                                       We are expanding! New Franchisee begins.

Krisno Hasan joins Computer Troubleshooters.  Equipped with extensive Linux skills and project management experience, he shall assist Computer Troubleshooters in infrastructure services, cloud solutions and enterprise level support to territories.  Welcome aboard Krisno!


J a n   2 0 1 2                                                        We are the recognized Computer Franchise brand

Computer Troubleshooters is ranked #282 among the top 500, plus we're also in the Top Low Cost (#51) and Top Home Based (#84) in Entrepreneur Magazine.  We have been ranked as a top franchise by Entrepreneur Magazine in 10 of the last 11 years.  Thanks to every Troubleshooters effort in bringing up our reputations.


N o v    2 0 1 1                                                        Longitudinal Survey on I.T. Entrepreneurs by HK Polytechnic

Computer Troubleshooters Hong Kong Head Office was invited to participate in the Longitudinal Survey on I.T. Entrepreneurs by Hong Kong Polytechnic University.  Only 200 I.T. entrepreneurs in Hong Kong have been selected for the survey.

S e p t    2 0 1 1                                                      Windows Revival Tools

Franchisees are presented with Windows Revival Tools to heal Windows by replacing system32 files on-the-fly.  Another super tool to help our technicians tackling Windows software problems that usually necessitate a reload.  Thanks to our Global HQ for channelling this to us!

M a y     2 0 1 1                                                       Fake Antivirus Removal Tools

With fake antivirus or fake Vista Security infecting many computers, Computer Troubleshooters technicians were trained to use the CT Fake Antivirus Removal Tools in the Regional Meeting in May.  This added arsenal will help our franchisees in effectively rid computers of the stubborn viruses and avoiding Windows reload.

M a r     2 0 1 1                                                       New Franchisee - New Territories South

Another new franchisee announced!  Sunny Chue, support engineer from enterprise-size corporate joins Computer Troubleshooters Hong Kong.  He will be in charge of New Territories South branch office.  Welcome aboard!


D e c    2 0 1 0                                                        Sharing Calendars & Contacts - Cloud Exchange

With cloud computing as a global hot topic, Computer Troubleshooters Hong Kong HQ is introducing its own Cloud Exchange Email services as a reseller tool for its franchisees.  This gives them an immediate added edge against both support companies and lone technicians.  Hong Kong HQ is exploring on more reseller tools for its franchisees, to name a few, NOC, Managed Services Provider,...

S e p t     2 0 1 0                                                       New Franchisee - Kowloon Central

Winfield Chung joins COMPUTER TROUBLESHOOTERS.  He has long experience as a desktop support specialist and well equipped with customer communication skills.  He is responsible for the Kowloon Central which includes Langham of Mongkok up to Olympic of Jordan. 



N o v e m b e r     2 0 0 9                                      Service Support for Pyramid Computers - German

Pyramid is a German OEM server and industrial PC manufacturer, with 100 employees and revenue of 20 million Euros.  Computer Troubleshooters Hong Kong is proudly awarded Premium Partner to service their servers and industrial PCs for the region.


O c t o b e r     2 0 0 9                                            World famous Meraki Mesh Wireless debut in Hong Kong

Meraki Mesh Wireless (802.11s) is now available in Hong Kong via Computer Troubleshooters.  Meraki wireless products are secure, reliable and above-all too easy to configure, requiring no IT specialist skills.  It is particularly suitable for service apartments looking for wireless availability to enhance their guest experiences.  Zero customer complaints is no longer a dream with Meraki.

A p r i l     2 0 0 9                                                    New Laptop Dropoff Service Centre Opens !

Congratulations!  By adopting the same business model of George's service centre, Ken Wan owns his very first laptop repair service centre in Kwun Tong.  It offers the same excellent service to customers at very low repair cost.  Ken is pleased with joining the Computer Troubleshooters franchise as he has benefited a lot from the support and marketing offered.  Apart from the dropoff services, he is now considering expanding his services around the centre!  Keep up the Good Work, Ken !


O c t o b e r     2 0 0 8                                            Guru visited Hong Kong

Chip Reaves, CEO CT(USA) visited Hong Kong.  He & George exchanged views as to how to implement the US version of managed services profitably in Hong Kong.  He also helped George in greeting a customer who happened to drop off a laptop for repair !  Another instance of global support !



M a y     2 0 0 8                                                      New Franchisee in 2008 Joined !

Ken Wan, CCNA, joined Computer Troubleshooters.  He will take up the New Territories South territories.  He has ample computer support experience and believes in our "Work for Yourself, but Not By Yourself" franchise model.  He will have his training to roll out to his territory in July.  Welcome aboard.


A p r i l     2 0 0 8                                                   Managed Services for Office Support achieved success

Our new managed services for office support achieved excellent success in displacing other IT maintenance vendors in both plan simplicity, service quality and price competitiveness.  New customers who elected our services include ICG Investment Management (Asia) Ltd, Elekeen Limited, GIFT, ...etc.

F e b     2 0 0 8                                                      Clean Room Recovery Facilities & New Managed IT Services

Jessica Berry of Kroll OnTrack, Australia visited Hong Kong. 
COMPUTER TROUBLESHOOTERS Hong Kong HQ has expanded capabilities of recovering data for customers using truly high-end clean room level technologies.  Recovery lead time is largely shortened.


Global Institute For Tomorrow signed a 12-month managed IT services contract with Hong Kong HQ.  Another smart customer who elect COMPUTER TROUBLESHOOTERS to displace their current providers.

D e c   2 0 0 7                                                        Laptop Panel Repair Facilities

Hong Kong HQ finished its reorganization and established facilities and manpower for repairing LCD screens of laptops at best price in town.  Whether the LCD panel is not bright enough, flickers or simply cracked by accident, we can solve.


O c t     2 0 0 7                                                      US Group Work & 8th Franchisee Joined !

Stephen Wan, K K Chan, Sheung Chan & Jimmy Lam attended service calls in datacenters generated from our global connections & on-line leads.  The Hong Kong HQ administered these contracts and assigned to the franchisees; another big advantage for being part of a global franchise team.

Chris Chong, a system manager with an MBA, took Island East territory.  He is undergoing his 5 days initial training now.  He is the 8th franchisee joined in 2007.  Welcome aboard.




A u g     2 0 0 7                                                      Apple Mac Computer Training

During the Regional Meeting, George Wong hosted an Apple Computer Training for every franchisees in Hong Kong.  George foresighted that a more mixed computing environment is ahead so that franchisees had to be trained in more different operating systems to be competitive.


J u n      2 0 0 7                                                     Another territory covered & POS rollout

Chan Sheung, a diligent electronic engineer, took Kowloon North territory.  He has many years of working experience but elect to use the CT's franchise system to help him start his first business.  He is undergoing initial training now.  Congratulations!

Five franchisees joined George WONG in field training when he rolled out one set of POS system Singapore origin in Causeway Bay.  As usual, George will share with the team on the costing, pricing, winning strategy and work flow arrangement so that the franchisees copy and put the POS solution into their income streams.


 M a y      2 0 0 7                                                     So Much Business & the 6th Franchisee

Exciting news!!!   COMPUTER TROUBLESHOOTERS is in the process of receiving retail computer system setup contracts in over 1,000 sites including mainland China.  Thanks to the effort of our Global Master Team in channelling this national opportunity.

KK CHAN, a successful factory manager in Mainland China, joined us this month.  He fixed all the PCs in the factory!  He will serve the Island West territory on completion of initial Training.  Welcome Aboard!


A p r i l      2 0 0 7                                                  We are Growing FAST  

Joedy SO, an established businessman in New Territories West, joined us this month.  He is currently undergoing the initial JumpStart Training to be equipped to serve his territory.  He is proudly the 5th franchisee joined in Hong Kong in 2007! 

CT Hong Kong was listed on Asia Wall Street Journal's "Growing Enterprises in Asia

M a r c h      2 0 0 7                                              Three More Franchisees

Three franchisees, namely David, Cheukie & KC, are undergoing their initial setup training this month.  They will serve 3 individual territories after training.                                                 



COMPUTER TROUBLESHOOTERS HONG KONG was awarded Microsoft Partner status this month.  Franchisees now have access to the invaluable Microsoft Action Packs including Vista Business & other MS resources.

J a n u a r y      2 0 0 7                                        1st 2007 Franchisee

Stephen WAN, our 1st 2007 franchisee, is undergoing our technical & marketing training.  He is eager to start his first computer service business in February.


D e c e m b e r      2 0 0 6                                  Vista Support & Training

Franchisees attended Microsoft Vista, Office 07 & Exchange training on Dec 11th.  An important event to give our team a unique early competitive edge in the new support era.



N o v e m b e r      2 0 0 6                                 We install good Anti-Spam

Anti-spam software reseller agreement was signed between the Hong Kong Head Office and the U.S. software developer Axaware, LLC .  A righteous relationship to secure after proving the software by our over 400 franchisees over the world!

O c t o b e r      2 0 0 6                                      Do you work in China ?

With a bullish business climate, The Hong Kong Head Office has received leads to service enterprise level equipment in the Mainland.  We are recruiting franchisees both willing to travel to China or being a China permanent resident.
Click here to request for the INFO PACK to join the franchise.


S e p t e m b e r      2 0 0 6                              Founder visited Hong Kong

Wilson McOrist, Group Director and also the Founder of the Computer Troubleshooters franchise, visited Hong Kong.  They finalised the Troubleshooters Pilot Scheme and interviewed a number of prospective franchisees.


J u l y      2 0 0 6                                               IT Solution Directory

COMPUTER TROUBLESHOOTERS being listed on IT Solution Directory, a partnership platform by the HKITF.

J u n e      2 0 0 6                                             SLA of Juniper & Cisco NAP

Service Level Agreements for 1 lot of enterprise level Network Security equipment awarded to Computer Troubleshooters Hong Kong.

Support is an important ingredient in all franchises.  Regional meeting in June updated franchisees with insurance claims writing, print defects correction, quotation skills, customer relationship handling & tasks management.

M a y      2 0 0 6                                               Level Up !   First Laptop Service Centre Opens !  

Hong Kong Head Office celebrates the grand opening of the 1st Computer Service Centre in Central.  A pleasant place to hold our Regular Meetings & Support Workshops. 


A p r i l      2 0 0 6                                            SLA of HP & SUN servers

Service Level Agreements for 1 lot of HP & Sun servers awarded to Computer Troubleshooters Hong Kong.  Charles Chau serviced one of the servers with the intensive support of the Master Franchisee.

The HQ will keep on locating these high value SLAs through our global master team.


J a n u a r y      2 0 0 6                                   A China Project

Charles & Jimmy visited Shenzhen to conduct security & system check on the computer system of a German factory (Name withheld due to privacy reasons)

S e p t e m b e r      2 0 0 5                           We sell & install good printers

Hong Kong Head Office is awarded as reseller for the OKI printers famous for durability and professional colours.  Each franchisee is provided with a set of sales kit to promote the printer sales.


J u l y   -   A u g u s t      2 0 0 5                   Firewall Expert  

Secure Tec Australasia Pty Ltd has awarded our Hong Kong Head Office as reseller for the famous ZoneAlarm Security Suite.  The Suite is a rock-solid firewall, powerful antivirus and strong anti-spyware all-in-one.  Another income stream for being a CT franchisees.

Regional Meeting held on 31st July adjourned with lots of encore among franchisees.  Jimmy Lam, our franchisee for Island East, conducted an in-depth lecture on configuring several wireless routers without referring to manuals.      


J u n e     2 0 0 5                                           Retainer Contract secured

Congratulations to Jimmy Lai who secured a retainer contract with Palamon International in Wanchai, his territory.

M a y     2 0 0 5                                              Fast Success

Bulk Purchase Contracts have been arranged with software distributors for Microsoft and Symantec softwares in Hong Kong.  Franchisees now supply customers at the most competitive priced softwares on-site.

Congratulations to Kenneth who secured two maintenance contracts within the first 30 days after joining in April.  Thanks to the comprehensive franchise training that he is making such a fast success

A p r i l     2 0 0 5                                           Friends joining hands in business

Kenneth Choi and Charles Chau have finished their franchise training and are starting their very first businesses in Kowloon East 2 and Kowloon Central 2 Territories respectively.  Con
gratulations !     



M a r c h     2 0 0 5                                        Building Customer Relationship

All franchisees in Hong Kong joined together for refresher training on Sales & Marketing.  They also shared their different but proactive ideas on a Case Study in customer relationship.

N o v e m b e r     2 0 0 4                            Technical Workshop - Kill Spyware

All Franchisees actively participated in the One-day Workshop on Rescuing Homepage Hijacks, Spyware and Bad Search Bars.  They found the regular training very useful because it provides them with experiences and tools tested and in use by 500 colleagues around the world !!! 

S e p t e m b e r     2 0 0 4                           Busy Support Business

Maintenance, support and service of a network of 25 CAD workstations for Ferrier Chan & Partners is secured.

J u l y     2 0 0 4                                            More Franchisee, More Reseller

Jimmy LAI has finished his initial franchisee training and commenced his business in Wanchai~Causeway Bay Territory. 

AVG Antivirus Software has awarded COMPUTER TROUBLESHOOTERS Global Head Office as Reseller due to our global credibility and professional team. 

M a y      2 0 0 4                                            Technical Workshop - Virus Removal

Computer Troubleshooters (Hong Kong)  is awarded with Reseller Agreement for world-famous ACT! Customer Relationship Management Software

In view of the rapid spread and mutation of the Sasser and Gaobot viruses, all franchisees were summoned to a special workshop on 14th to receive latest training and correct strategy in handling different levels of infections. 

A p r i l      2 0 0 4                                         Honesty Pays

Annual Support Contract with Bassano Collection Asia Ltd, a jewelry manufacturer is secured as they are satisfied with our global reputation and honesty demonstrated.

J a n u a r y      2 0 0 4                                Field Technical Training Again

Field Technical Training for Franchisees on setting up a wireless network involving 7 Fujitsu Laptops in an office in Admiralty.

D e c e m b e r      2 0 0 3                           Surveillance Server Training

Surveillance Video Server Training was conducted by Ever Best Technology Limited.  Three franchisees were trained on how to upgrade the firmware, configure and setup professional surveillance video cameras and servers.

O c t o b e r      2 0 0 3                                CEPA Customers

CEPA Customers used COMPUTER TROUBLESHOOTERS services.  Recently, our franchisees have served some Mainland industrialists to set up their Hong Kong branch offices.  They replied that we were preferred due to  our strong global support team, professionalism and honesty.

A u g u s t     2 0 0 3                                   Retail Surveillance Subcontractor

The largest telecommunication service provider in Hong Kong recruited us as their subcontractor for installation and setup of Retail Surveillance Systems.  A new income stream for our franchisees is just getting  started.

J u n e   2 0 0 3                                           Regional Training w/ Secret Tool

A brief technical and marketing workshop on the Chiangs ERP Software was conducted on the 13th.  Additional training included removing porn pop-ups, restoring hijacked homepage, double-Windows in same PC, and shut-down troubleshooting.  Franchisees were given a secret tool to assist them to solve these problems on site.

M a y   2 0 0 3                                             Support Contract for Wireless Office

George Wong sold the Taiwan made Chiangs ERP Software, resulting in a gross sales of HKD40,000.  He will summarise his marketing experience and support techniques in a package for the franchisees under his leadership.  The distributorship and support delegation by Chiangs add to the income stream of the franchise.
With the unique Computer Troubleshooters Sales Kit, George Wong signed an annual support contract with Miracle Sourcing Ltd on the day of first visit !  What a Cool Marketing Kit!

M a r c h    2 0 0 3                                      Is your computerman safe

Hong Kong Head Office signed the Hygiene Charter to promise to protect customers during SARS.  To contribute to the joint efforts of preventing the spread, we signed  the Hygiene Charter to promise to the public that all our franchisees were wearing a surgical mask during their on-site computer service and they took holidays when sick or feeling unwell.  The Head Office would coordinate with their customers to ensure uninterrupted service.


J a n u a r y    2 0 0 3                                Mission Impossible - Wireless

Wireless Networking Workshop:  Franchisees were trained to troubleshoot wireless networks during the  regular Regional Meeting.  Some revision training was also conducted on configuring routers, switches and hubs in the absence of operation manuals, manufacturer drivers and even PASSWORDS!

D e c e m b e r    2 0 0 2                           Partnership

Busieasy Consulting Services Limited now partners with COMPUTER TROUBLESHOOTERS to deliver on-site troubleshooting services and regular support plans for their business customer base.  Over the following months, our franchisees will benefit by the stream of workload derived from the partnership. 

O c t o b e r    2 0 0 2                               We help on-site for South China

The Hong Kong Head Office intend to extend the computer support services to South East China by early 2003.  One of our franchisees, Arison Tang, has relocated to Shenzhen to make preliminary arrangement for the team.

S e p t e m b e r    2 0 0 2                       We do WWW hosting right

COMPUTER TROUBLESHOOTERS offer Domain and Web Hosting Services.  Now we look after customers' cyberspace shop in addition to their reality storefronts.

A u g u s t    2 0 0 2                                 Franchisee Success

Jimmy LAM, our newly recruited franchisee in March, has successfully secured his first annual maintenance support contract with Standard Sourcing (HK) Ltd.  Thanks to the COMPUTER TROUBLESHOOTERS support, procedures and documentation, he is getting success in the trade so quickly !

J u l y    2 0 0 2                                        We fixed PCs and APPLE !

New Horizon - Hong Kong Head Office now provides on-site service for Apple computers as well as off-site data-recovery service for Mac HFS+ data on logically or physically crashed hard drives.


J u n e    2 0 0 2                                       Exhibition - EXPAT SHOW

Publicity Drive : Exhibition in The 1st EXPAT SHOW in Hong Kong.  Franchisees  enjoyed the 2 days opportunity to  introduce their serviced territories and solicit some service calls. 


M a y    2 0 0 2                                        Regional Meeting w/ Technical Workshop

Items discussed included a review of the Sales & Marketing Strategies for each territories, Shared Low-Cost Advertising, New Flyers, SWOT Analysis of each franchisees and participation in an exhibition in June.

A p r i l    2 0 0 2                                      Field Technical Training

Thanks to the cooperation of Vantage Textile Ltd, four franchisees were trained to build up a Windows small office network in Sanpokong.  The technical training is essential to update our skills and customer service in a real-world service situation.

M a r c h    2 0 0 2                                  More Franchisees

Jimmy Lam,  BSc.(Comp. Science), has finished training in March.  He is in charge of the territory from Taikoo to Saiwanho.  He is  ambitious and has a good customer service background earned from his previous working experience with the largest telecommunications corporation in Hong Kong.

J a n u a r y    2 0 0 2                            New Franchisee  

Thomas Tsui, BSc.(Comp. Science), takes charge of Tsimshatsui and Jordan territory after he has finished the initial training conducted by the Master.  His expertise in software programming and web page design is a big asset to the strong Hong Kong franchise team. 

D e c e m b e r    2 0 0 1                       Profit Potential   

Several international corporations approached Computer Troubleshooters to negotiate for reseller agreements in the light of our global and client-focused service status.  These corporations range from broadband ISP, web-hosting, internet security, software development and data storage business.  These  agreements, once secured, raise the profit potential for our franchisees. 

N o v e m b e r    2 0 0 1                      First National Conference             

First National Conference :  Wilson McOrist, MD and Paul Andersen, Int'l Dev. Mgr visited Hong Kong on the 9th to conduct the 1st National Conference.  Despite the tight schedule, all members highly appreciated the Sales & Marketing Refresher Training together with  the hands-on Novell Network Workshop.

O c t o b e r    2 0 0 1                           Supply Agreement

Supply Agreements with Two Peripherals and Parts Wholesalers Signed.  With the subject supply agreements, CTS franchisees would enjoy lowest dealer prices for their purchase of computer peripherals and parts.  These agreements strengthen our franchisee's home-business operation by lowering stockholding costs yet providing most updated components at best prices to customers.  

S e p t e m b e r    2 0 0 1                   Software Reseller Agreement with OnTrack

Software Reseller Agreement with OnTrack Data Int'l Inc.  secured.  CTS franchisees now distributes the softwares of OnTrack Data International directly to their customers in Hong Kong.  It definitely complements the profit potential of CTS franchisees as well as the spectrum of services.

A u g u s t    2 0 0 1                             Support Contracts AGAIN 

Annual Support Contract with Forward Novelties Co Ltd secured.  The factory used to have other IT support company looking after their system, but switched because COMPUTER TROUBLESHOOTERS promise to deliver and always deliver!

J u l y    2 0 0 1                                    Professional Data Recovery Service

Data Recovery Service Partnership established.  It definitely complements the profit potential of CTS franchisees as well as the spectrum of total services offered to our clients.  When your hard disk clashes and you want the data back, Computer Troubleshooters is your only trusted choice.

Training: Broadband Internet Setup & Virus Detection Removal.  Our continuous training system keeps our franchisees with up2date IT skills.

J u n e   2 0 0 1                                   Stronger Team, More Support Contracts

Jacob Chen, a Certified Novell Engineer, completed his  initial training course on the 15th.  He is ambitious of starting his East New Territories franchise successfully.  George Wong, Master Franchisee,  conducted the training in Cantonese for the very first time!
The contract is an initial 12 months service for the PC systems covering not just hardware repair but also Windows, Internet and OfficeSuite support for Emrusa (HK) Ltd & Universal Gems.  A practical and useful service but easy-to-budget for computer support package is offered uniquely by Computer Troubleshooters.

M a y   2 0 0 1                                      Internet Marketing Consultancy

The contract cover the Webpage Development & Internet Marketing Consultancy for two limited companies with 5 websites.  This is one of the unique consultancy services available from Computer Troubleshooters, i.e. we help customers not only to set up websites & webpages but also provide proactive support to generate sales leads from websites by our revolutionary internet marketing streams.  

A p r i l   2 0 0 1                                  New Franchisee joined

Technical training on Windows Rebuilt developed by  Chip Reaves, Master Franchise~USA, was conducted on 29th.  This is one of our many trade secrets shared exclusively among franchisees. 



Arison Tang has just completed his initial training course.  He is immediately starting his  own CT franchise business with the S.M.A.R.T. kit provided on training to develop his West Kowloon territory.  


M a r c h   2 0 0 1                               Direct Sale & Support Contract                           

Computer Troubleshooters secures Direct Sale & Support  Contract for Taiwan origin CHIANGS ERP Management  Business Software.  We are proud of the recognition given  for our trusted support, professionalism and cost effective warranty service by the manufacturer.

F e b r u a r y 
 2 0 0 1                      Support Contract          

The contract is for an initial 12 months and covers the maintenance, support and service of a Novell Server and 7 Windows 98 workstations in the Mandarin Oriental Macau sales office in Causeway Bay.

J a n u a r y   2 0 0 1                         Newsletter

The franchisees internal newsletter ("The Paper Tray") continues to provide fresh new systems, updated operational procedures, inspiration, motivation and original methods for both older and newer CT franchisees.                                   

D e c e m b e r     2 0 0 0
                 HP Contracts

Computer Troubleshooters are currently in negotiations with Hewlett Packard regarding running various tests for their Pavillion PCs.  This contract, once secured, will bring to the franchisees in Hong Kong a tremendous benefit in both income and recognition of their quality of work and skill.                            

O c t o b e r    2 0 0 0                       Franchisees trained

Lawrence Wong, MCSE, is completing his initial training course in order to start his own Computer Troubleshooters franchise business in Central Kowloon.

S e p t e m b e r    2 0 0 0           CT Hong Kong commences

George Wong, Master Franchisee, set up his office to provide local support, marketing and growth management w.e.f. 1 October 2000.  Wilson McOrist, Managing Director and Paul Andersen, International Development Manager visited Hong Kong to finalise strategies and planning for future growth of the franchise network within Hong Kong.


J u l y     2 0 0 0                              The Master Franchise     
George Wong, Master Franchisee, took up his position in October 2000. 


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