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特 許 經 營 創 業 計 劃  


本特許經營計劃誠意徵求居港人士成為加盟商,投資創業合作。世界各地的COMPUTER TROUBLESHOOTERS加盟商以提供一系列的電腦修理及軟件支援服務為營運。我們的目標客戶以中型企業、小型企業、SOHO、家庭電腦用家為主;大部份的中小企業都有電腦服務支援的需要,卻是未能承擔全職昂貴的僱員及提供相關的技術延續訓練,COMPUTER TROUBLESHOOTERS加盟商正正填充這裡的市場,為這些企業提供高質低廉可靠的上門電腦支援服務。


  1. 您想擁有自己的電腦支援服務公司;或者

  2. 您喜歡使用或學習修理或修理電腦;或者

  3. 您需要生意上的專業無私的意見,幫助您成功;或者

  4. 您想利用電腦俠醫己建立的商譽,用最短時間增加客戶;或者

  5. 雖然您已經擁有自己的電腦支援服務公司,但是想借助我方的國際聯繫,參與服務高價值的企業級網絡器材服務合約;及

  6. 您的總創業投資金額少於六萬八港元。

Introduction :

We are looking for more suitable people to join the Computer Troubleshooters franchise network in Hong Kong.

Computer Troubleshooters franchisees help business owners and home office users solve computer problems.  Most SME businesses cannot afford to employ a full time computer person as well as the costs of continual technical training involved but they have genuine needs to receive computer service, support and training on a regular basis.  Computer Troubleshooters are targeted at these market segments.

Do you want to be a Computer Troubleshooters franchisee ?

  1. You are motivated to own and operate your computer service and consulting business, or

  2. You enjoy using or or learning to fix or fixing computers, or

  3. You need some good business advice when you run a business, or

  4. You need the corporate image of being part of the World's largest computer service franchise with a proven business strategy and professional customer service, or

  5. You own a computer service retail business.  You wish to earn more income by servicing our enterprise level agreement contracts assigned by National Accounts overseas, and

  6. You are ready to invest about HKD 68,000 in your own business.

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