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             電 腦 俠 醫  特  許  經  營  創  業  計 劃  

"Work for Yourself, But Not by Yourself."

        計 劃 有 甚 麼 優 點 :計 劃


  • 您的創業路途不再孤立,得到加盟成員們的支援。

  • 您可以提供產品及服務給其他加盟成員,增加收入。

  • 您可以參與地區、國家、甚至國際的電腦服務合約。

  • 使用經我們驗證有效的行銷市場推廣系統,幫助您快速獲得客戶。

  • 享用我們的大量採購及規模經濟,節省軟件及零件成本。

  • 得到強大的行政、市務、培訓和技術支援隊伍支持。

  • 身為COMPUTER TROUBLESHOOTERS的成員,客戶對您的服務更有信心。

  • 當您放假出門時,可以放心讓兄弟加盟商照顧您的客戶。

  • 得到了電腦服務表現優化的基本訓練。

  • 得到提供電腦修理服務的完整創業訓練、生財工具及技術手冊

  • 可以參與持續的修理技術訓練及定期會議,增強市場競爭實力。

  • 運用CTS通訊來維繫及擴大您的客戶基礎。

  • 特許經營可以更有效地提昇您的生意資產值。

    Our Franchise Advantage :

  • You are joining a global franchise to start up a reputable service business 

  • You have pal franchisees to call on for help

  • You can offer products and services you are experienced to other franchisees as a second income

  • You have the opportunity to service regional, national and international group contracts and OEM warranties

  • You will benefit from our proven sales and marketing systems

  • You save legitimate software costs & spares costs by bulk purchase and scale economy

  • You have a strong support team both local and global to back you up

  • Being part of a worldwide group gives your business more depth, and you more credibility in the eyes of your customers

  • Pal franchisees can help your clients when you are busy, or unavailable, without fear of customer base being taken over 

  • You are given an initial Performance Maximising training course to help you start business and get sales IMMEDIATELY

  • You are given full training on how to run your computer service business, plus a complete bundle of essential  tools & technical manuals

  • You enhance your skill through our on-going training workshops

  • You are supported with material to foster and grow your customer royalty as well as to obtain more customers 

  • Franchise under a common brand name develops more worth and becomes more valuable when you sell it

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